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     Zhengzhou Marathon to Open on Nov. 3

    来源: 红枫林新闻网  日期:2018-11-01 16:46:17  点击: 9918

        When people get ready on the starting line for the marathon where they would see the bustling Erqi Square and the graceful Zhengdong New Area and have a feel of the time and space between the "Big Corn" and the Art Center. Thousands of people will start running on November 3rd, overwhelming the hustling and bustling of the city and treading uniform rhythms.
    Scenery along the race course郑马赛道风光  Photo: Wang Xiuqing
        The popularity of marathons is the result of rapid economic development and a symbol of economic and social transitions. They're gradually becoming festivals of cities, as they can bring out what carnivals can do. And cities in fast development need such platform to present their own images and enhance social cohesion. Marathons have become a culture, reflected not only in the events themselves, but also in the participants and the splendid cities that hold the events.
    Scenery along the race course郑马赛道风光  Photo: Liu Yuping
        2018 Zhengzhou International Marathon runs through the Convention and Exhibition Center, the Green City Square, and other city landmarks both old and new, as well as Zhongyuan District, Erqi District, Guancheng Hui District, Jinshui District, Zhengdong New Area and other core areas. The 42.195 kilometers that it covers is an epitome of Zhengzhou as a political, financial, historical, and sport cultural center of Henan.
    Scenery along the race course郑马赛道风光  Photo: Wang Xiuqing
        Zhengzhou where the Marathon is to be held is a city of inclusiveness, openness, intelligence, integrity, innovation and harmony. Runners can have a feel of the cultural legacy of the city, its modernity as a commercial hub, and its glamour as a city with vitality, warmth and culture. Zhengzhou Marathon documents the legendary culture of the city.
    Scenery along the race course郑马赛道风光 Photo: Wang Xiuqing
        Marathon has been a symbol of perseverance since a legend came out that a warrior ran to deliver messages. It was included as an event in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. The mileage that the warrior run was confirmed as the official distance of the event which was named after a place in Greece. The organizers of the event hoped to use it as the one suitable for the public to revive the glory of the ancient Greek civilization. Over the past 100 years and more, marathon has evolved from a sporting event into something that can demonstrate the culture of a city.
    Scenery along the race course郑马赛道风光 Photo: Wang Xiuqing
        Marathon is the only sport that can display the architectural essence and culture of a city in the competition. Marathon race course planning and design is the core of the entire event, while the scenery on both sides of the course can drive competitors both physically and spiritually, as if the civilization of thousands of years flashes in front of them. 
        The unique history and culture of each city have endured the time to gradually become the soul of the city. As an important part of culture, sport has always been exerting influence on it. Sporting events and urban cultures are mutually reinforcing. On one hand, the former promotes the economic and cultural development of a city. On the other, unique urban cultures shape unique sporting events.

        Zhengzhou, as a commercial hub, is an ancient capital with a time-honored history and a profound culture, a national central city in the making, and a city sitting on one of the important positions along the Belt and Road. The time-honored old town in the city reminds people of the age old memories of the Chinese civilization, while the flourishing Zhengdong New Area demonstrates the vigor of a modern city in development.
        It has city walls of the Shang dynasty with over 3,000 years of history, intact Town God Temple, architectural complexes of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Erqi Memorial Tower with the "red memories", and Henan Art Center of international style... A marathon competition in Zhengzhou would allow you to experience an unprecedented travel and leave you with good memories of the city, whether you are a native living here for many years, or one of the Zhengzhou drifters contributing your time and effort to building the city, or a tourist coming from other cities or countries who has never paid a visit to the city but has been longing for it.

        On October 8th, an article titled Seeking the Cultural Gene of Sporting Events was published on the People's Daily, lauding the three highlights of Zhengzhou Marathon. As marathons get trendy in cities, the article said, each city should seriously think about what a sporting event can do to help inherit its culture. The marathons are not only about the runners, but also about the cities. It's important that runners are provided with good event services and organizing sporting events as a platform to promote the resources of a city is necessary for the events to get more popular. Zhengzhou is making great efforts to organize its marathon competitions. In terms of race courses, Zhengzhou International Marathon (the Marathon) has the most beautiful course on both sides of which are its landmark architectures. In terms of service, the Marathon has turned the potential advantage of using the synergy of the public and private sectors to organize events into excellent sporting events. In terms of culture, the Marathon has taken advantage of the profound Zhongyuan culture to introduce running groups with surnames which is a groundbreaking move, in an attempt to inject the traditional cultural gene into the fashionable marathon. Urban marathons were born to meet the demand of public fitness and urban development, and the development of marathons in cities hinges on the prosperous development of nationwide fitness and great progress made in urban governance. And the cultural gene that is found in the self-perfecting process of marathons should be the reason why urban marathons are to be sustained. Urban marathon has to evolve from an extensive operation to an intensive one, and seeking and confirming the cultural gene of the event is the only way to elevating its values.

        The Zhengzhou International Marathon has taken advantage of the profound Zhongyuan culture to introduce running groups with surnames which is a groundbreaking move, in an attempt to inject the traditional cultural gene into the fashionable marathon. Zhengzhou, as one of the eight ancient capitals and well-known as the center of China, has a history of more than 3,600 years and is the cradle of the Chinese civilization. Despite being the newcomer, Zhengzhou Marathon has explicitly taken the competitions as a platform to showcase its image and allow people to have a feel of its profound culture through competitions at the very beginning. The surname culture is unique to Henan, from which 82 out of the top 100 Chinese surnames originated. Such cultural gene determines the uniqueness of Zhengzhou International Marathon with the surname culture embedded. The organizing committee of Zhengzhou International Marathon organized running groups of surnames, in a bid to make the surname culture derived from Zhongyuan better known via the Marathon and allow more runners to have knowledge of their own surname origins for better understanding of the Zhongyuan culture.

        Running in Zhengzhou Marathon is not only a work-out activity and a chance to challenge oneself from the personal perspective, but more broadly a journey to seek one's origin, understand the culture and find one's spiritual peace. So running in Zhengzhou Marathon would make you more affectionate to the city.
      Managing Editor:Xiong Vivi
      Interviewed by Wang Yipin
      New Media Editor:Wang Zhiyu